L to R: Dan Besk, Bill Millerd, Jim Mallon, Fred Koester, Reggie Barringer, Norm Bolz and Mark Ford
Bill Zeeb
Thurston Harriers  aka Cross Country guys.  First row:  Co-captain Bob Grimm, Chuck Nole, Rich Roe, Dick Touchette, George Gray.  Second row:  Coach Williams, Greg Veresan, Jan Russell, Glen Dusek, Jim Mallon, Mark Bristol, and Tom Adamson.
Gary Knock (White/#22)
L to R:  Ed Walsh and Walt Carothers (Manager) with Coach Leggat
L to R:  Margaret Wasson, George Latva, Jim Dufour, and Mike McCrum.
Bob Cieslak
Pam Lennox
Denise Sewrey (far left), blue sweater ??, Gary Knock, Bill Zeeb, Shelley McNamara
L to R:  Mark Bristol and Tom Adamson
Linda Love and Kurt Dewhurst
L to R:  Jim Blazo, Paul Liddell, Dennis Celano
Homecoming 1966 /  L to R:  Marilyn Berris, Barb Delorme, Janice Adams, Linda Sutherland, Paula Horning
L to R: Bob Palmer, Pam Lennox, Bob Smahay, Lois Leber, Mark Bristol, and Bill Lewis.
L to R:  Rick Rzepecki, Joe Strucel, Mr. Smith, and Karen Hiscock
Probably the last time Tom Fehniger had nothing to do.
L to R:  Cheryl Watson and Louise Bianchi
Kristine Purola
Top photo:  Sophomores (L to R):  Bob Grimm, John Roughly, Chris Chetosky, Jackie Cross and Pat Samuelian
Bottom:  (R to L):  Muriel Piper, Vivian Follock, Donna Zalewski, Julie Croteau
L to R:  Nancy Cunningham, ??, Linda Gibbs
Front row / L to R:  Don Bristol, Bill Millerd, Mike McCrum, Don Bristol, Al Phillips.  Back row:  Linda Bennett, Susan Spencer, Pat Samuelian, Yvonne Bojke, and Carolyn Glowacki
Ron Stehney and Donna (Zalewski) Fry
Vandenberg Elementary • 5th Grade • Ms. Florrie Turner's class
Randy Samelson, Irene Nole and Tom Adamson on the Big Day!
Andy Vafakas with Irene Nole and our foreign exchange student from Turkey, Beyza Untuna.
Senior Party:  Mrs. Wicks, Rick Massoll, and Mrs. Burns.
Graduation Night / June 16, 1966 •
L to R:  Donna Zalewski, ??, Dennis Gregg, and Ilene LaFray
Donna Zalewski with her brother Mitchell.
Bob Grimm and Pam DeWeese dance the night away at the Senior Party.
Senior Party / L to R:  Al Phillips, Carol Glowacki, Ron Fitzsimmons, Irene Nole, Tom Adamson, and Vickie Marshall.
First Girls' Basketball Team • Pierce Jr. High.  / 1962-63
Mike McCrum and Nancy Cunningham
Kathy Carroll, Vickie Radoye, Marcie Fultz and Karen Kemp
Senior prom • 1966 / Kathy Carroll and Rick Craven (Class of '67)
Senior Prom • Class of '67 / Rick Craven and Kathy Carroll
Arlene LaFray, ?, ?, Barb Mishler, Sandy Law
Jim Dameron
Laura May and Cheryl Poike
Don Bristol and Nancy Rowan
Al Philips, Don Bristol, Stan Jerlecki
Pierce Jr. High Basketball Team
Suzanne Rollet, Cheryl Poike, Barb Mishler
Dorothy Harvey and Donna Zalewski
Janice Berger
Vandenberg Elementary / 6th Grade
Town DriveIn / West Chicago and Telegraph Roads
Donna Bylin and Donna Zalewski
Voted Biggest Chatterboxes:  Pam DeWeese and Jim Parker
Voted Cutest Couple:  Rob Nelson and Cheryl Beecher
Voted Most Dependable:  Bill Zeeb and Sue Forster
Voted Prettiest Eyes:  Darlene Pearl and John Schwartz
Voted Class Flirts:  Mary Jane Jerlecki and Len Cyr
Voted Friendliest:  Ted Freeland and Vicki Marshall
Voted Most fun to be with:  George Latva and Becki Veresan
Voted Most Gullible:  Marge Lloyd and Bill Frantz
Voted Most Intelligent:  Sue Zeitman and Dennis Raymond
Voted Teachers' Pets:  Dan Besk and Kathy Smith
Voted Mr. and Miss Senior:  Tom Adamson and Janice Adams
Voted Most School Spirited:  Marlene Neagos and Mark Bristol
Voted Most Likely to Succeed:  Vivian Follick and Dave Cortese
Voted Most Talented:  Lois Leber and Bob Palmer
Voted Wittiest:  Nancy Rowan and Gary Knock
Voted Most Athletic:  Kathy Durand and Mike McCrum
Voted Best Figure:  Diane Carnes
Voted Best Build:  Jim Blazo
Voted Best Dressed:  Linda Love and Kurt Dewhurst
Voted Best Looking:  Barb DeLorme and Fred Koester
Voted Hardest Workers:  Nancy Cunningham and Walt Carothers
April Buchanan and Sue Spencer at the 40th reunion.
Senior Party:  Mr. Tatar and Margaret Wasson
Senior Party:  Gary Knock  (floor), Far left: ?, Louis Snage, Irene Nole, Marcie Fultz, Tom Adamson.
After graduation party at Bill Zeeb's parent's cottage on White Lake.  Photo includes Dave and Dennis Raymond, Sue Zeitman, Ron Fitzsimmons, Bill Millard, Kurt Dewhurst, Tom Adamson, Beyza Untuna, Pam Lennox
Kathe Browne, Mark Bristol, Ron Fitzsimmons and ??
L to R:  Bill Franz, John Flynn, George Gembis, and in the background, Bruce Krumback.
L to R: (Circa 1960): Jim Parker enjoys a lunch break next to Tim Payne and Rick Rzepecki-Royce.
(Our thanks to Rick for helping identify everyone.)
L to R: Mr. Mehran Thomson (teacher), Mike Hennessey, Joe Gillette, Rick Norton, Ed Walsh, Tim Thomas. (Our thanks to Joe Gillette for identifying everyone.)
Graduation Day, 1966.  Left to right:  Jim Dufour, Susan Drummond, Bob Cieslak, Cheryl Lescznar.

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Websites for past reunion photos:
Thanks to Rick (Rzepecki) Royce . . . here's a slide show he sent over of the 35th Reunion.
Can it really be 
nearly 50 years ago?

Enjoy this walk down Memory Lane.  Photos below are from our THS high school years. 

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Rob Nelson, Ted Freeland, Fred Koester and Bill Frantz
Cliff Teryniak and John Flynn
Chris Hudson and Bill Barringer
Unknown lady with Rob Nelson (Cheryl--is that you??), Patricia (Keenan) and Andy Enoch
Two unknown ladies and Bill Franz.  (Possibly Linda Buckland on the left?)
Lou and Paula (Roberts) Vendittelli
Fred Koester, Joe Andaloro and Bruce Preston
Kathy Sherfey (Chuck) and Cari (Jo) Andaloro
Kathy Sherfey and Daryl LaBumbard
George Gembis, John Flynn and Chuck Sherfey
Bob Salmonson, Fred Koester, Dave Valade, unknown woman, Bruce Preston
A big thanks to Chuck Sherfey for recently sending us these fabulous photos from our 20th reunion!
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Jim Donahue sent us this walk down Memory Lane. Thanks!  
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