Lee M. Thurston High School
Class of 1966 • 50th Reunion

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Here's a new addition to our website:
Our class section from the 1964 yearbook, when we were in 10th grade at Thurston.  It's a hoot to look through!
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 | Class of '66 50th Reunion
Watch for photos of the reunion in late October.

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Want to know what classmates have been up to for the past 50 years?  Check out our Bio Booklet on the CLASSMATE BIOS page of this website.   And don't forget to send yours in . . . or update the bio that already appears.  
Registration for the 50th is now closed . . . but watch for photos of the reunion to appear sometime next month.  For those who have grown tired of looking at reunion reminders...here's something sweet: 
Classmate Couples

Truth be told, there were more than appears here: several have divorced and others have experienced the death of their spouse.  But we thought you'd enjoy a look at our Classmate Couples for a refreshing change of pace.
Here's a great gift idea--for yourself or for a classmate 
who couldn't make it to the reunion:  
 HITS OF 1966 • A THS '66 CD

Just $15.  (Reunion attendees will receive a CD for free.)
See the "Hits of 1966" page of this website for details.