November 9, 2011:  A mini-reunion luncheon in Michigan.  L to R:  Sharon Roy, Corinne McPhail, Barb Fawcett, Jackie Bourne, Darlene Kelly, Mary Lou Postula, Reisa Hamilton, Sue Zielke, Janet Bloomfield, Barbara Lambert, Cynthia McIntrye, Pat Snover, Bev Wilson, Mark Holden, Gwen Bourne.
November 9, 2011 • Classmate Luncheon / Mary Lou Postula and Darlene Kelly
November 9th • Classmate Luncheon / L to R:  Cynthia McIntrye, Sharon Roy, Barb Fawcett
November 9 • Classmate Luncheon / L to R:  Bev Wilson and Corinne McPhail
November 9 • Classmate Luncheon / L to R:  Cynthia McIntrye, Sue Zielke, Mary Lou Postula, Darlene Kelly
November 9 • Classmate Luncheon / Pat Snover
November 9 • Classmate Luncheon / L to R:  Reisa Hamilton, Barbara Lambert, Janet Bloomfield, Sharon Roy
November 9 • Classmate Luncheon / Mark Holden, who is also a professional photographer, joins the luncheon and shares his talent by taking photos.  Thanks Mark!
November 7 • Lou Fiorentino makes a business trip to Denver and joins Linda Love for lunch.
L to R:  Doug Detherage, Kathy Carroll-Detherage, Carole Royce and Rick Rzespecki-Royce celebrate Thanksgiving in Rancho Mirage, California.

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​Right: Feb 20, 2012 -  Having returned to Turkey after an extended assignment in Athens, representing the Turkish government, our Beyza is busier than ever now that she's back in Istanbul.  Here she is at the recent Inaugural Ceremony of a new exhibit in Istanbul, "Rembrandt and His Contemporaries/The Golden Age of Dutch Art."  

In the SMALL WORLD department: 
Janet Bloomfield (Umberger) has a grandaughter, Courtney, who recently moved to Turkey.  Here's a photo of our former foreign exchange student, Beyza Untuna meeting with Janet's grandaughter, Courtney, in an Ankara cafe.
THS66 classmates met up in Florida for lunch on March 21, 2012.  Front row 
L to R:  Sue Fitzpatrick, Carole Serbay, Bill Zeeb, Ken Wood.  Back row:  Sharon Sheffer, Linda Bennett Siggia and Bob Salmonson.
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RIGHT: THS66 classmates
(L to R) Sue Fitzpatrick, Linda Bennett-Siggia, Becki Veresan-Beeler, Cheryl Beecher-Nelson, and Carole Serbay-Kelly enjoy dinner together in the South Lyon, MI area.  June 18, 2012
A West Coast Toast:
Linda Kissell took to the road on her Harley and ended up having dinner with Rick (Rzspecki) Royce and Kathy Carroll in Southern California.  
June 17, 2012
L to R:  Irene Nole-Silvestri, Jim Parker and Linda Love meet up for dinner in San Francisco.  April 2012
Below: July 12, 2012 - Another mini-reunion!  
Left to right:  Pat Snover Tait, Cindy Stice Abbott, Mary Kay Ceasar Lininger, Janet Bloomfield Umberger, Suzanne Zeitman, and Bev Wilson Moss
Left:  Cindy Stice Abbott and her husband, Mike, enjoy lunch with Mary Kay Ceasar Lininger and her husband, Larry, as Mary Kay and Larry pay a visit to Michigan this past summer.
Left / July 9, 2012:
Karen Hoffman and Linda Love meet up for lunch in Vail, Colorado.  
ABOVE:  December 2012:  A trip to Las Vegas 
(Paula Roberts, Kathy Carroll, Pam Lennox, Irene Nole and Linda Love)
January 11, 2013 in Denver, CO

​L to R:  Carole Serbay Kelly spent time in Denver this month visiting her new grandchild, but took time to meet up for lunch with Linda Love, who lives there, and Karen Hoffman-Haeffner, who braved snowy roads and drove down from the Vail Valley.  
ABOVE: Posted Jan. 24, 2013:  A recent lunch gathering of classmates in Michigan.  
L to R:  Linda Kissell, Sue Zelke, Barb Gutzeit, Gaye Marshall, and Kathy Durand.
BELOW:  A big thanks goes out to Linda Bennett, Carole Serbay and Bob Salmonson for organizing this wonderful mini-reunion for THS66 grads this past February in Florida. We're certain there will be more in the future, not only in Florida, but around the country, as THS66ers reunite for a good time.
Carol Glowacki, Allen Phillips and Barbara Lambert
Mary Kay Ceasar and her husband, Larry Lininger
Mark Holden and Elaine Dividock
Mark Holden, Reisa Hamilton and Bev Wilson
Susan Sherwood, Carol Glowacki, Allan Phillips, and Barbara Lambert.
Cindy Stice-Abbott and Linda Kissell
Barbara Lambert, Janet Bloomfield, Corrine McPhail, Barbara Gutzeit, Kathy Durand, Mary Kay Cesare.
Barbara Lambert-Kirby, Janet Bloomfield Chapman Umberger, and Corinne McPhail-Brown.
Below:  THS66ers get together for lunch on July 16, 2013.   Click on the first photo to open this series. 
THS66ers at Comerica Park • July 27, 2013

Click on the link below to see photos from the evening:!497&authkey=!ADqGwfMq65slu84
Entertainment at our 45th was Burning the Edge--of which 3 of the 5 band members are classmates: Rob Nelson, Chris Hudson and Bob Salmonson, shown here at a recent concert. Check out their website for the latest on where they'll be playing:
Below:  A mini-reunion of classmates in Santa Fe, New Mexico in October of 2013.
Left to right (standing):  Paula Roberts, Kathy Carroll, Irene Nole, Pam Lennox, Linda Love. Kneeling:  Joy Winn
LEFT: A Thanksgiving THS-66er get-together at Kathy Carroll's house in Rancho Mirage, CA.  2013

L to R:  Jim Parker, Kathy Carroll, Tom Maday (aka Madej) and Rick Royce (aka Rzepecki)
ABOVE: Another Thanksgiving get-together--but this one's in Arizona.  
L to R:  Mary Kay Cesare, Linda Love, Nancy Cunningham, Vickie Radoye and Pam Lennox.    2013
Below:  Gary Knock and Tom Fehniger kept in touch over the years, even though Tom had moved to Sweden years ago. (Shown here on a visit to Copenhagen.) Tom swore he'd be at our 50th . . . but in the summer of 2015 he died suddenly in an accident at home. Hard to believe he is gone, but a vivid reminder: enjoy every day!
Below, left to right:  
Karen Hoffman-Haeffner, Carole Serbay-Kelly and Linda Love enjoyed lunch together in late July, in Georgetown, Colorado. Carole was in Colorado visiting her new grandchild, and Karen and Linda live there.
Below:  Classmates Susan Fitzpatrick and Joe Andaloro met up for a drink at Snug Harbor in Grand Haven, MI.
Below: On July 17th, a group of THS 66ers got together for lunch at Sean O'Callaghan's Pub in Plymouth.  Left to right, Mary Kay Cesare Lininger (in purple), Larry Lininger, Mike Abbott, Gaye Marshall, Kathy Durand McKinley, Cindy Stice Abbott and newlywed, Linda Kissell-Puhle. Unfortunately, Elaine Dividock arrived later and missed the photo op.
Below: Arizonans Mary Kay Cesare Lininger and her husband, Larry, spent a few days with Cindy Stice-Abbott and her hubby Mike, in mid-July.  Here they are enjoying the Ann Arbor Art Fair.
Left to right:  
Donna (Zalewski) Fry and Marion (Doone) Walsh
BELOW: Do you like palm trees?  Do you likes ponds and lakes?  Do you like rolling hills (fairways)?
 How about deep, deep bunkers around greens AND in middle of fairways? Do you like to putt on undulating greens? Well, that was the challenge faced by the four golfers pictured above on a changing weather day in SW Florida.

Left to right: George Gembis, Debby Haxxma, Bob Salmonson and Wayne VanAlstine.
Left to right: Dennis Celano (‘66) and Patty, Debbie Haxxma-Teichman (’67), Linda Mikel-Cook (’67), Vera Beresnicki-McQuillian (’67) and kneeling: Bob Salmonson (’66).
Left to right: Linda Mikel-Cook (’67), Vera Beresnicki-McQuillian (’67), Dennis McQuillian, George Gembis (’66).
Left to right:  Patty and Dennis Celano, Debbie Haxxma, George Gembis
Left to right:  Ken Wood and George Gembis
Nancy and Don Simmonelli ('67)
Left to right:  Patty Celano, Linda Bennett (’66), Nancy Simmonelli, Debbie Haxxma (’67)
BELOW:  February 6, 2015.
 THS graduates gather at Lakewood Ranch (Florida) First Friday Celebration.  Food, fun, live music and dancing.
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BELOW: AUGUST 27, 2019
THS 1966 Gathering at Rocky's in Northville. — with Carole Serbay Kelly, Cindy Stice Abbott, Susan Fitzpatrick, Corinne Mc Phail Brown, Cynthia McIntyre Drolshagen, Donna Fry, Basima Zarou Khashan, Darlene Kelly Molnar, Linda Hall Fox, Elaine Pilar Murad Dividock, Rick Spaulding and Robert W. Cieslak at Rocky's of Northville.