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Class of 1966 • Lee M. Thurston
Memories of our 45th Reunion
Your 45th and now your 50th Reunion Committee.  Left to Right:  Kathy Carroll, Paula Roberts, Linda Love, Nancy Rowan, Carole Serbay and Sue Fitzpatrick.
Touring THS.  
Seated/L to R:  Linda Love, Linda Buckland, Paula Roberts

L to R/Standing:  George Gray, Bob Cieslak, Lois Leber, Bill Zeeb, Ron Fitzsimmons, Arlene LaFray, Karin Feagan, Linda Hall, Gary Knock, Marlene Neagos.
The same pool we used--45 years ago!
The THS library.
Inner courtyard at THS
On the THS tour, George Gray and Linda Love show off their "Senior ID" which takes on a whole new meaning at our age!
L to R:  Bill Zeeb, Gary Knock, Ron Fitzsimmons
Paula Roberts with Bob Palmer and Jim Parker
Laura (May) Helwig, co-owner of Milford Baking Company created this beautiful (and delicious) custom cake for the reunion dinner.
L to R:  Kurt Dewhurst, Tom Adamson, Rob Nelson
Janice Adams and John Roughly
L to R:  Judy Neil, Mary Simonyi, Arlene LaFray
L to R/back row:  Darlene Pearl, Linda Buckland, Karen Feagan, Linda Carrier, Noreen Hein
Front:  Diane Carnes
L to R:  Karen Kemp, Marcie Fultz, Vickie Radoye
L to R:  Carmen Meranda, Marylou Postula, Marylou's guest, Don Marenda, and Corinne McPhail
L to R:  Barb Guitzeit, Cynthia McIntrye, Susan Luoto, Cheryl Gray.
Nancy Rowan--dressed up in her finest, complete with green cowboy boots.  Some things never change!
L to R:  Fred Koester, Sandy Karol, Linda Buckland
L to R:  Donna Valade, Vicki Marshall, Janice Adams, Laura May
L to R:  Darlene Kelly, Bonny Shoulders, Mary Simonyi, Sally Trouzeau
L to R:  Cindy Cadmus, Darlene Kelly
Sally Trouzeau  (Over her shoulder at the table behind her is Rick (Rzepecki) Royce
Bill Millerd with his wife, Maryann.
Mike Hennessy and his wife, Carol.
Bill Lethemon and his wife, Linda.
L to R:  Linda Bennett and Gail Billington
After the reunion, Bob Salmonson showed up at the hotel and played a few nostalgic songs for those staying at the Comfort Inn.
Chuck Sherfey
At the Irish-Adios Party:  L to R--Carol Royce, Rick (Rzepecki) Royce, and Tom Maday
At the Irish-Adios Party:  L to R - Pat Snover and Lois Leber
At the Irish-Adios Party:  Basima Zarou and Sue Drummond (who lived next door to each other.)  Basima's two attorney-sons own the pub where this was held:  Sean O'Callaghan's Pub.
At the Irish-Adios Party.  L to R:  Marion Doone, Donna Zalewski, Sue Drummond, Bob Cieslak, Gary Fry.
L to R:  Elaine Dividock and Barbara Lambert
Rob Nelson and Cheryl (Beecher) Nelson
Gwen (Bourne) Dobson and her husband, Greg
L to R:  Dennis Celano and Wayne VanAlstein (class of '67)
Mark Holden and Linda Baker
L to R:  Maryjane Jerlecki and Linda Carrier
Lou Fiorentino and Karin Zimmerman
'67 classmate Marcia Ramsey with her husband, Michael Leopold
Linda Tennison
L to R:  Sharon Wagner and Lois Leber
Jim Wild and in the background is George Gembis
Vivian Follick and Bob Palmer
Tom Maday and Mary Lou Postula
Richard Kopec
L to R:  Rick Spaulding, Jim Donahue, Karin Zimmerman, Janis Carter
L to R:  Rick Royce, Ron Fitzsimmons, Ron's date, Lori Watts, and Joy Winn.
Ann Wieland
Dennis Gregg and Ilene LaFray-Gregg
Elaine Dividock and Suzanne Zander
L to R:  Suzanne Zeitman, Bev Wilson, Sharon Wagner
L to R:  Barb Halley, Pat Samuelian, Paula Roberts, Marcia Fultz, Joy Winn
L to R:  Bob Cieslak and Jim Parker
Bob Palmer and Sharon Sheffer
L to R:  Muriel Piper, Marlene Neagos and her husband, Tom Cicero
Cindy Stice and husband, Mike Abbott
One more time!

Members of the 45th reunion committee have volunteered to organize the 50th.  

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Or mail a disk to:  Linda Love, 11704 West Auburn Drive, Lakewood, Colorado 80228
BELOW:  Photos from the weekend of our 45th reunion.
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A HUGE thank you to these classmates who've shared their photos for this website and the slideshow:  Linda Baker, Linda Carrier, Bob Cieslak, Mark Holden, Sandy Karol, Laura May
Gary Knock, Linda Love, Darlene Pearl, Paula Roberts, Rick Rzepecki-Royce, Nancy Rowan
Pat Snover, Ken Wood, and Bill Zeeb.  

Watch a slide show of our 45th Reunion!
Note:  Everyone who attended our 45th reunion appears on this video and captions identify who everyone is.  So for a great walk down Memory Lane--enjoy the show!