Lee M. Thurston High School
Class of 1966 • 50th Reunion

Here's a new addition to our website:
Our class section from the 1964 yearbook, when we were in 10th grade at Thurston.  It's a hoot to look through!
Carole Serbay
Linda Bennett
Sue Fitzpatrick
Gary Knock
Jim Donahue
Pat Snover
Our foreign exchange student from Istanbul, Beyza Untuna.
Dave Belknap
Sandy VanBrabant
Suzanne Zeitman and husband Jerry Grossman.
Marcia Fultz
Classmates Ken Wood and Nancy Rowan
Classmate Jerry McCarthy and his wife, Joyce.
Classmate Tom Guntzviller and his wife, Kathleen.
Roberts and Love
Classmate Ron Fitzsimmons and his wife Lori.
Karen Hoffman
Classmate Kathy Carroll, her husband Doug Detherage and classmate Paula Roberts.
Classmate Sue Barcus and her husband Jim McEwan.
Louie Snage
Bill Zeeb
Classmate Ann Wieland and her husband Steve Jenkins.
Rick Rzepecki
Rick Spaulding
Corrine McPhail
Classmate Gwen Bourne and her husband Greg Dobson.
Classmate Chuck Sherry and his fiancé Cindy Sofka.
Classmate Robert Hochstadt and his wife Susan.
Classmate Mary Kay Ceasar and her husband Larry Lininger.
Classmate Cindy Stice and her husband Mike Abbott.
Jim Damron
Kathy Carroll and her husband Doug Detherage.
Classmates and twins: Daryl and Dale LaBumbard.
Paula Roberts
Classmates John Roughley and Nancy Rowan
Classmates and significant others: Linda Bennett and Ken Wood.
Suzanne Zander
April Buchanan
Linda Buckland
L to R:  April Buchanan, Linda Buckland, Mary Lou Postula, Nancy Rowan, Diane Carnes.
Classmate Linda Kissell and her husband Bruce Puhle.
Classmate Basima Zarou and her daughter Koreen Khashan-Azzouz
Classmate Joy Winn and her husband Dave Mahon.
Classmate Bill Sedlmeyer and his wife Kristen.
Classmate Richard Reinhardt and his wife Marlene.
Classmate Mary Lou Postula and her husband Don Marinda.
Classmate Bill Lethemon and his wife Linda.
Mike Fuller
Classmate Linda Hall and her husband Dale Fox.
Classmate George Gray and his wife Peggy.
Classmate Chris Hudson and his wife Cheryl.
Cynthia McIntyre
Classmate Beverly Wilson and her husband Greg Moss.
Classmate Jackie Bourne and her husband Edward Kopacz.
Suzanne Zielke
Classmate Sharon Roy and husband Martin Homan.
Classmates and spouses Carol Glowacki and Al Phillips.
Classmate Linda Baker and her spouse Roger Toothacker.
Darlene Kelly
Arlene LaFray
Rob Nelson
1967 THS classmate Marcia Ramsey and her spouse Mike Leopold.
Karen Spangler
Classmates and twins:  Jackie and Gwen Bourne
Paul Liddell
Classmates and spouses Larry Mead and Sharon Wagner.
Richard (Dick) Tatar
Classmate John Wilson and his wife Carol.
Our outstanding DJ for the night, classmate Bob Salmonson.
Classmate Janet Schemers and her husband Gary Chick.
Classmate Bob Smahay and his wife Karen.
Classmates Cynthia McIntyre and Barb Guitzeit
Classmates Mark Holden and Reisa Hamilton.
Chris Hudson sets up for a live Facebook feed.
Classmate Linda Hall and her husband Dale Fox.
Cathy and Carol Glowacki and Al Phillips.
Classmates Gary Knock and Nancy Rowan.
Karen Hoffman, Joy Winn, Ron and Lori Fitzsimmons, Al Phillips, Cathy Glowacki and Carol Glowacki.
Basima Zarou, Gary Knock, Nancy Rowan.
Classmate Donald Dustman and his wife Linda.
Seated: Daryl Labumbard, April Buchanan. Standing (L to R) Dale Labumbard, Jerry McCarthy, Sandy VanBrabant and Diane Carnes.
April Buchanan and Linda Bennett.
Elaine Dividock
Rob Nelson, Nancy Rowan, Cheryl Beecher-Nelson
Basima Zarou and Beyza Untuna
A good time was had by all.
Debbie Haaxma (class of '67) and '66 classmate George Gembis.
Classmates Tom Maday, Darlene Kelly, Bonnie Shoulders and Betty Jo Max.
Classmates Bill Zeeb, Al Phillips, Mark Bristol, Ron Fitzsimmons and Don Bristol (class of '65).
Bob Salmonson and Linda Bennett
Classmates Sally Touzeau and Bonnie Shoulders
Classmates Larry Mead, Bill Zeeb and Sharon Wagner-Mead
Classmates Reisa Hamilton and John Walker with John's wife Georgia.
Cheryl Gray
Mark Bristol and his brother Don (our photographer for the evening, and member of the Class of '65.)
Classmates Beyza Untuna, Cheryl Beecher and Nancy Rowan
Classmates Bill Zeeb, Linda Love and Gary Knock
Cheryl Hudson (Chris Hudson's wife) with Cheryl Beecher, George Gembis and Debbie Haaxma (Class of '65).
Mark Bristol, Al Phillips, Rich Stafani (Class of '64) and Don Bristol (Class of '65).
Classmates Bob Cieslak and Sandy VanBrabant
Fun on the floor:  Bob Salmonson, Marcia Ramsey, Linda Bennett and Sandy VanBrabant.
Classmates Chris Hudson, Bill Zeeb and Jerry McCarthy.
Judy Neil, Sally Touzeau, Bonnie Shoulders ad Darlene Kelly.
Rob Nelson, Fred Koester, Rich Stefani (Class of '64) and Gary Knock
Dennis Gregg, Ilene LaFray-Gregg and Kathy Carroll
More fun on the floor.
Classmates Elaine Dividock and Barb Gutzeit
A huge THANK YOU to our DJ for the evening, Rob Salmonson.  He really kept things lively!
TWINS:  (Standing) Daryl Labumbard (missing Dale), Cathy and Carol Glowacki, Jackie and Gwen Bourne, (seated) Arlene and Ilene LaFray.
Classmate Ann Wieland and her husband Steve Jenkins take to the dance floor.
One of our sets of classmate twins:  Arlene and Ilene LaFray.
Classmates Linda Baker, Suzanne Zander and Janet Schemers look over the 1966 Yearbook.
Classmates and "significant others"--Linda Bennett and Ken Wood.
Cathy Glowacki
Diane Carnes
Classmates Elaine Dividock and Jim Donahue
Doug Detherage and classmate Kathy Carroll-Detherage
Classmates Sue Fitzpatrick, Rick Rzespecki, Chuck Sherfey and Chuck's finance Cindy Sofka.
Classmates Marcia Fultz and Paula Roberts.
Classmates Chris Hudson and Dave Belknap.
Classmates Daryl Labumbard and Janice Carter.
Linda Love and Mike Hennessy
Tom Maday
Mike Abbott and classmates Cindy Stice-Abbott and Mary Kay Ceasar.
Classmates Rick Rzepecki and Ron Fitzsimmons
Classmate Mike Fuller, Kristen Sedlmeyer and classmate Bill Sedlmeyer.
Classmates Carole Serbay and Jim Damron.
Classmate Chuck Sherfey and fiance Cindy Sofka.
James Tait and classmate Patricia Snover-Tait
Classmate John Walker, John's wife Georgia and classmate Mark Holden.
Classmates Bill Zeeb, Al Phillips, Mark Bristol and Ron Fitzsimmons with Don Bristol (Class of '65).
Classmates Pat Snover and Linda Kissell.
Al Phillips
Classmates Janice Carter, Jim Donahue and Lou Fiorentino.
A Night to Remember:  The Class of 1966 50th Reunion.
Photos by:  Don Bristol, Class of 1965 | Don Bristol Photography / Parker, Colorado

Many thanks to Don Bristol for these fabulous photos of our 50th.  If anyone has reunion photos they would like us to post on this website--please email them to: Thurston66@comcast.net