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Check back for more updates from time to time.  Our thanks to Janet Bloomfield, Barb Lambert and Cori Cockrell who have sent in a number of Penguin Posts and THS newspapers.  And also a big thanks to Jim Donahue for sending in the 5th and 10th reunion booklets.
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Class of 1966 • Lee M. Thurston High School
Memories of our 45th Reunion
Special Issue/June 1966 Eagle Outlook
45 years later--here's a look at the successful career of our Foreign Exchange Student.
Penguin Post 
May 17, 1963.
Obituary of Mr. Kress, one of Thurston's favorite teachers.
   Ready for a "Walk Down Memory Lane?"  Just double click on the icon to open the file you'd like to read.  But first . . . get in the proper mood--by turning on Pandora Radio's great selection of songs from the 60s. 
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An AMAZING story about the life of Alex Lotas, one of our THS math instructors.
Bob Salmonson, has sent us this list of Top Songs from the week we graduated.  
June 7, 1963.  Penguin Post
Oh my!  The FIRST issue of our freshman year at THS. 
New Issues and documents will appear at the bottom.
Our 5th 
Reunion Booklet 
Our 10th
Reunion Booklet
March 1963 issue of the Penguin Post 
 Feb 1964 issue of the Eagle Outlook
December 1964
A special "Honor Society Edition" 
Prove to your kids you really DID graduate!
Show them the '66 Commencement Booklet!
Wonderful "Walk Down Memory Lane" video on ​THE WALL.
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• Take a really fun, nostalgic walk down Memory Lane with a visit to this link.  
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